Frequently asked questions

What areas do you cover?

Sevenoaks Town Dunton Green Kemsing Seal Otford Riverhead Weald Shoreham Chipstead Chevening Sundridge If you/your clients live outside those areas we suggest you contact local foodbanks for assistance.

What is your referral process?

We accept referrals from agencies or self-referrals. We have an application form which must be completed by or on behalf of all applicants. We cannot accept applications other than through the referral form as it generates our clients lists. The form can be found here.

What are your referral criteria?

We do not require referral from an agency. We will accept any household in need of help to buy food which is in receipt of a means-tested state benefit or has a very low income equivalent to what they would receive if they were entitled to state benefits. Attendance allowance, DLA, PIP, State Pension and Child Benefit do not qualify. ESA or JSA must be income based not contributions based. Giving us as much information as possible on the referral form will speed up the process. We reserve the right to make decisions as to entitlement which comply with our registered charitable aims.

Do you require proof?

Yes. Once we have received your application or referral we will require written proof of benefits or income in the form of documentary evidence dated within the last month for every adult in the household. This can be a benefit letter, screen shot of an online journal (for UC) or entry in your bank account of benefit payment (name and date must be clearly visible). We require this proof before we will confirm the application, even if you have been referred through an agency. We may in certain circumstances require proof of address. We reserve the right to ask for proof and suspend an application pending receipt, at any time. The sooner the relevant proof is received, the sooner the application can be approved. We will not shortcut this process for any applicant whether a self-referral or a referring agency.

What will I receive?

Once your application has been confirmed you will receive a shopping list from which you can select a certain number of items each week from our dry goods store. These will be tinned, dried and long life items You will also be invited to order fresh meat, fish, cheese, fruit and vegetables, subject to availability of funds. We also aim to distribute donations of near to sell by fresh foodstuffs & bakery from local supermarkets subject to availability.

When will I get my order?

We have set days for delivery, according to area. Currently these are Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday. We cannot normally deliver outside these set delivery days. Once your application is approved you will be allocated to a delivery day and receive your delivery on the next delivery for that day. You cannot change your delivery day except by prior arrangement.

Can I come to your premises to get my shop?

Currently you cannot attend the premises. Once Covid restrictions are lifted we will open our premises and those who are able will be encouraged to collect their order for themselves and select their own goods on the day.

Do you deliver?

Yes. We currently deliver to all clients. We will continue to deliver during Lockdown. Eventually we will open our premises and those who are able will be encouraged to collect their order for themselves and select their own goods on the day.

Do you cater for those with food allergies?

Please tell us if anyone in your household has a food allergy. We will do our best to make sure you aren't sent anything that could cause a problem but we cannot be responsible for ensuring that all food delivered is free from common allergens. We would remind you to check labels and/or websites for food ingredients if you are unsure whether something is safe for you. You may need to check the website for the ingredients of donated bakery items from supermarkets as they may not always be labelled. If there is a specific product you do not wish to receive please put this in the notes section on your weekly order.

Do you provide pet food?

We don't normally supply pet food. If pet food is donated we will distribute it via our shopping list.

Are you a registered charity?

Yes. Sevenoaks Larder's registered charity number is 1192371.

Do you provide hygiene products?

Yes. We provide shampoo, conditioner, deodorant, soap, shower gel, feminine hygiene and dental hygiene products and nappies. We provide baby wipes for those with babies in nappies.

Can I get a birthday cake?

Yes. If you are registered with Sevenoaks Larder and you have a child aged 18 and under.

How do I get a cake?

Fill in the referral form from Free Cakes for Kids and send it to,

What if I don't have the 'Free Cake' form?

Email your child's name, date of birth, and what theme they would like for their cake. Please also let us know of any allergies.

How long before my child's birthday do I need to ask for a cake?

It would be great if you could let us know 4 weeks before your childs birthday but we will always try our best to get a cake.

How do I become a Sevenoaks Larder volunteer?

You can apply to become one of our volunteers by filling out this form.

What volunteer roles are available?

We have various volunteering opportunities available including administration, shopping for our customers, packing delivery bags, delivery to our customers, collection of products from supermarkets, fundraising/publicity, a 'shift in the shop' and one-to-one cookery tuition for a customer at our premises.

Do I have to volunteer on a regular basis?

You can give as little or a much time as you have available on a regular or ad-hoc basis.

Do I need a DBS check to volunteer?

Whilst this isn't mandatory this is something that we would encourage as it gives our clients peace of mind. If you would like to apply for one and would like us to cover the £23 fee, let us know.

What food can I donate?

We have a list of 60 items that we offer our families each week and we welcome donations of these items in particular. The list of these items can be found on our Facebook page in the 'Posts'. We also accept all donations that you choose to kindly donate. We cannot accept any alcohol or products containing alcohol and we cannot accept food cooked in the home. Please make sure donated items are within their use by/sell by date.

How/where do I donate?

We accept donations at our premesis in Hope Church Tuesday- Friday from 10-11am. Alternatively please contact us via our website if you would like us to arrange for them to be picked up from you directly.

How can I donate money?

We welcome donations of money as this enables us to fund fresh food for our families. You can donate money via JustGiving & PayPal, you will find the link to these on our website. Alternatively you can contact us directly and we will give your our Bank Details for a one off donation or for a monthly Direct Debit. We encourage you to Gift Aid all your donations, please ask us to send you our form.

Do you collect clothes and toys?

Unfortunately we are unable to accept donations of clothes or toys.

Registered Charity 1192371

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