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Recipes from The Larder

About 'Recipes from The Larder'

Hello and welcome to 'Recipes from The Larder', where you will find recipes you will be cooking again and again! Meals for busy weeknight dinners, quick and easy lunches as well as planning ahead with meal prep recipes.

We want to create a community to share family recipes, so we can all benefit from our collective knowledge.

About 'Sevenoaks Larder'

Sevenoaks Larder provide fresh, as well as non-perishable, foodstuffs. You can find our donations wish list on our website.

Our main aim is to fundraise to be able to provide regular fresh and healthy food shops for our clients. We also offer a delivery service which allows people discretion and confidentiality.

We will also be collecting and distributing excess stock from supermarkets, and food donations from individuals and businesses.

We strongly believe that it is vital to try to preserve as much self-respect and dignity as possible for people when they are already at a low ebb in their lives, and this includes leaving them, as much as possible, in charge of what they feed their families.

Everyone who works for the 'Sevenoaks Larder' is a volunteer, so every penny goes to those who need our help.

A Food Bank is about so much more than food.

Our principles are simple: Fresh Food, Choice, given with Kindness & Compassion.

What to expect from our weekly blog?

The focus always being on healthy eating on a budget!

Every Wednesday we will be posting a new 'Recipe from The Larder'. Our aim is to provide a library of budget friendly, easy to follow, healthy recipes.

Most of the recipes will have detailed step by step instructions along with accompanying images and a downloadable recipe card.

We want to get you creating exciting dishes from the ingredients found on 'Sevenoaks Larder' shopping list. We believe that EVERYONE can cook, you just need imagination, practice, and maybe a little guidance.

We hope to help you cook healthy and affordable meals for your family at home in your own kitchen.

Got a recipe you want to share?

We would love to hear from you! We welcome recipes and tips from our readers and service users. Send your recipe along with a few images to Remember to include your social media handles if you want to be tagged!

Together let’s make good food made with real ingredients!


More details, including how to donate money or food, how to access our help, or how to volunteer with us, can be found on our website.

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